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We understand the importance of your wedding day. We want you to remember it as one of the wonderful experiences in your life.

Great wedding photography has the power to make that happen, but consistently great wedding photos require a photographer who is experienced, creative and adaptable. Weddings present a unique set of requirements for a photographer. There are the shots you have to get, shots you hope to get, unexpected situations to overcome or to take advantage of. That moment of emotion on a parent’s face or the quick shot that captures you with under a rainbow after a surprise rain shower are the ones that you will look back on in the years to come as the defining images that make your wedding photos so special.

That’s when you’ll be glad that your photographer possessed the talent, creativity and experience to get the shots that mattered.

The Red Sneaker Studio photographers are highly experienced in capturing the excitement and romance of weddings. They know how to make sure things stay on schedule and get the shots you want, and how to work with your other vendors so that everything proceeds smoothly.

Not only will The Red Sneaker Studio photography will bring out the best in you, your family and your friends, with a blend of traditional and modern journalistic techniques, but we will work to capture all of the excitement and emotion and that you will experience on your wedding day, plus the once in a lifetime images that you might have missed otherwise. You’ll find our friendly, enthusiastic and professional approach to be thorough, but not intrusive.

And when the day is done and you have decided on the photos that capture the best memories of your wedding day, let us create the perfect album to preserve those images for a lifetime, and create a keepsake that you and your children will cherish for years to come.